5 Benefits of Embedding Social Media Feed on Your Website

Social media is an important marketing strategy whether you are running a small or large business.
We have already discussed the benefits of using social media for business in our previous blog.

Today we are discussing the benefits of embedding the social media feed on a website.

1. Creates a Direct Connection With Your Followers

When you display social media feed on your website, your customers or new visitors can make a direct connection with you. If there is a new visitor on your website and wants to know more about your service, then they can easily connect with you through social media.

2. Increases Social Proof

People don’t want to buy products or deal with the business without confirming whether the product is legit or not. So, if there is a social media feed on your website, they will visit your social media in which you regularly update your content and many other descriptions about your business which increases the truth among the visitors.

3. Social Media Marketing

If you are sharing your website content on your social media, your followers and friends engage with your content. They like, comment, or share your content. After being shared, your content now reaches new visitors and new visitors get information about your website which helps to increase your potential customers. In this way, social feed on a website is a great way for increasing your potential customers.

4. Connects With More Like-minded People

On the Facebook platform only, there are 1.9 billion active users daily. Many other people who own businesses related to your industry are also there on social media. You can connect with them, discuss the business and also collaborate with them if possible. You will gain insights from others’ experiences. Therefore, social media helps to build a strong network between like-minded professionals.

5. Increase Time Spent on Your Website

When you add a social media feed to your website, visitors spend their time on your website by watching videos, images, posts, comments, etc. Time spent on the website is also important from an SEO point of view. If the time spent on your website by visitors is high, then Google will give it a ranking boost.