Top 5 Benefits of Using Social Media for Business

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a small or large business. Social media is an important part of your business strategy. Using social media for your business not only connects to your customers but also increases your brand awareness, sales, etc.

According to Statista 2021, there are around 4 billion people using social media which is almost 50% of the total world population.

(In millions)

Source: Statista

The monthly active users on Facebook are around 3 billion and the daily active users on Facebook are around 1.9 billion. With the help of social media, we can make our business reach thousands of people around the world.

Below are the 5 benefits of using social media for our business:

1. Free

The first benefit of using social media is it’s totally free. You do not need money to create an account on social media, you don’t need money to connect with other people. But you have to pay if you want to promote your products through ads so that you can reach even more potential customers.

2. Increase Brand Awareness

As I already said there are around 1.9 billion users actively engaged only on the Facebook platform daily. So, social media helps to increase your brand awareness. If people don’t know about your brand, they can’t become your customers. Social media increase the visibility of your brand among social media users. And hence the interested customers can easily connect with you.

3. Authenticity/ Social Proof

Customers want to buy products from authentic brands. If they are not well aware of the brand, there is less possibility of buying. So, customers need confirmation whether the product is real or not. In this case, the customers search your social media or website. If your business is on social media, then it increases the truth or social proof among the customers.

4. Increase Traffic or Leads to Your Website

Social media is one of the most important sources of traffic to your website. Social media accounts for almost 31% of all referral traffic. So, social media is an important part of increasing traffic to your website.
Today, most of us know news or events through social media instead of the browser or website homepages.

5. Get More Information/Data

If you are providing service then people talk about you on different social media either negatively or positively. You can collect those feedbacks and use them for your benefit. If the feedback is positive, you can show them on your social media for your new visitors. If the feedbacks are negative, you start improving your product. Social media generates a large amount of data. You can use that data to make better business decisions.