Curator Studio Twitter Features

Display fully customizable feeds on your website

Curator Studio Twitter Free vs Pro



Tweets of a profile

Mentions of  you

Description,Link box

Redirect to original location

Drag and Drop

Live Preview

Lightbox/Before or After list display

Trends of a place

Tweets from a search phrase

Tweets from a location

Trending hashtags

Users from a search phrase

Pin tweets

Mixed feeds


Moderation/Filter videos



Restrict content with date range

Sort by favourites,retweets,tweet volume/followers,created time

Group mixed feeds

Display comments

Curator studio twitter free

Curator studio twitter pro

Curator Studio Twitter - features

Save time

Multiple features like live preview, drag and drop and no use of shortcodes for even small customization will save a lot of time for you.

Super simple to setup

After you install the plugin you can get your content in less than 30 seconds on your website.

Drag and Drop

No need to worry if you want to change the position of image, author, title, link, stats of a particular tweet. You can just drag and drop the content where you want.

Pin tweets

The plugin is capable to pin any tweet etc. according to its importance.

Sort content

You can sort the content according to favorites, retweets, tweet volume/followers, created time.

Customization in your hand

The plugin has tons of customization for your website. The plugin is almost capable of any style that you think.

Trending hashtags

Get trending tweets with hashtags.

Hide part of a content

If you don't want to see the title, author, link box, etc of a certain tweet then just one click will make work for you.

Inline display

Make use of the inline option to view tweet images or videos inline.

Mixed feeds

You can get your content with multiple categories in a looped dropdown format which helps to make your website more manageable.

Content in time range

If you want to get tweets in a certain time range the plugin has made super easy for you.

No limitations for feeds

Show as many feeds as you need either on a single page or multiples pages.

Numerous display options

Numerous options are available for an item to display. You can use Simple Item, Long Item, Tweet Item, Thin Item, Tag Item, Basic Item or Account Item.

Display comments

Display comments on posts and videos. You can customize the number of comments to show at a time. If you don't want to show comments make use of don't display option.

Autoload items

Autoload your first post or video on opening the website. It will be a good option for the intro or marketing view. You can pin one of the important tweets or videos and autoload on opening the website.

Customizable pagination

Multiple customization options for pagination. Set pagination with items appended or items replaced or with prev/next buttons.

Moderation or filter words

If you don't want to show certain persons tweets or tweets containing certain words then you can filter the content.


Create nice-looking carousels for your tweets videos or images.


Display mentioned tweets using our Twitter plugin.

Lightbox for media

View your tweets images or videos in a nice-looking pop-up lightbox.

Zero coding knowlegde required

The plugin is super flexible that you can customize it in your way. No need for any coding knowledge and you can customize according to the need of your website.

Live preview

No need to go to the website to see changes. While customizing your feeds you can view the portion with a border that you are customizing. This will make your customization super easy and fast.


Translate any text in your feeds to any language of your choice. Also, you can change the time format according to your choice.

Multiple layout options

Use multiple layout options on your website. The available layout options are Masonry, Simple list, Carousel, Open list(Multi) and Sidebar list.

Redirect your content

Set the redirect option to redirect to the original location.
For e.g. You can redirect website users to a particular tweet.


The plugin is built considering multiple display sizes so you will get the plugin responsive.

Up to date

As WordPress and Instagram updates, we also keep our plugin updated to work smoothly on the website.

Great customer support

Our team is available to support any kind of problem. Our main goal is to satisfy our customers.

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